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Freedom Trail Realty School online continuing education policies and technical requirements

∙ All course credit is stored on Freedom Trail Realty School's servers, and accessible via your account.
∙ Student class access is valid for six months after purchase. Education certificates may requested from FTRS after access has ended. Students have six months after purchasing their course access to complete their continuing education time. Your purchase of course access is tracked by, and associated with, your user account, and cannot be transferred between accounts. Students maintain class access for their full six months, and may listen to classes an unlimited number of times during their six months of class access.
∙ Class time purchases may be refunded within 14 days of purchase, unless the student has started a class. If the student has started a class, no refund will be issued.
∙ Continuing education certificates are accessible via the web app at any time. Students must complete all classes in order to receive an education certificate.
∙ Students must complete their own continuing education hours class time per the Continue Me terms of use; any students engaging in misconduct or misrepresentations of identity will be reported to the Board of Registration immediately.
∙ Students may contact Freedom Trail Realty School, evaluate the course, and access technical support via the 'Contact Us' link on the class list. School representatives will make their best efforts to respond to support requests within a reasonable period of time on regular business days (M-F 9AM-5PM). If students prefer to evaluate the course anonymously, they will receive a survey 30 days after class signup to complete.
∙ Students may also contact their instructor(s) via the 'Contact Us' link on the class list to speak via chat or email. Instructors will make their best efforts to respond to requests within 72 hours during regular business days (M-F 9AM-5PM), except when on vacation. If an instructor is on vacation you will be notified by support when you can expect a response.
∙ Students should reflect on how amazing it is that we can take real estate classes anywhere we have internet access. It's like something from The Jetsons. Ok, so this one isn't a MA Real Estate Board required policy, but it's still pretty amazing.
∙ All school policies regarding Continue Me and online continuing education are available in the Continue Me terms and conditions.
∙ Internet access, a modern web browser (Chrome, Safari, Internet Explorer 9+, or Firefox), and Javascript are required to use Continue Me.